Todd Hogan

Todd Hogan practiced making believable stories from pieces of evidence presented to juries. Later, he investigated multi-million dollar claims for nationally for several insurers, argued before arbitrators and mediators, and negotiated complex settlements among parties at odds. He’s been a member of the Writing Journey in Illinois, and Green River Writers in Kentucky, where he’s attended several writers’ retreats with New York TImes best-selling authors and editors. He regularly attended the University of Iowa Writer’s Festival for many summers, meeting writers from across the country.
Todd has published two articles in the Defense Counsel Journey, “Defending the Transactional Legal Malpractice Case,” and “A Client’s View of Law Firm Change: Opportunities for Improvement.” Through the Writing Journey, he’s published “TIme Machine Redux” in the anthology, Stories from Other Worlds, and “Five Hostages” and “Demanding Answers” in the anthology, Voices from the Dark.

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Stephanie Ewing

Stephanie Ewing is a writer and recovering journalist. Though she’s written for Huffington Post,, DEMO Magazine and two masters theses, this is her first foray into fiction. You can learn more about her nonfiction and commercial writing online. She lives in Villa Park, Illinois with her husband, Andrew, and their furry/feathered family, including a rescued rabbit, Fritz.

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Tim Yao

Having found out about National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in 2003, Tim has written a first draft of a novel every year since then. NaNoWriMo is so much fun that he became a volunteer co-Municipal Liaison for the Illinois::Naperville region. The region features a writing community called the Writing Journey; Tim helped found this in 2007.
Tim is the author of short stories in six anthologies of the Writing Journey.

Tim Yao is a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Nokia.
Links - the Writing Journey - NaperWriMo - the Illinois::Naperville region of NaNoWriMo
Twitter @NMKWriter

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Elaine Fisher

Elaine Fisher

Since 2013, Elaine Fisher has been a member of the Writing Journey and has two short stories, "Corpse Du Jour" and "Metamorphosis," published in the 2015 Journey Anthology, Voices from the Dark. Besides short stories, she also enjoys writing flash fiction and poetry.

Each November, you will find her busy writing her 50K novel during NaNoWriMo- National Novel Writing Month. She is very proud to have completed three first draft novels as a participant in this worldwide competition. Currently, Elaine is in the process of editing her most recent NaNoWriMo novel, Traveling to Spice Town, Book 1 in a YA historical fantasy series.
Elaine Fisher

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Mary O'Brien Glatz

Mary O'Brien Glatz

Mary O'Brien Glatz started writing with the Writers Lighthouse in Denver Colorado, after she retired as an educator. She published her memoir, Anywhere But Here: A First Generation Immigrant Life, in 2014, has written political analysis pieces for, and is currently working on a political fiction novel.
Mary O'Brien Glatz

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Keshia Nowden
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Keshia Nowden

My name is Keshia Nowden. I’ve been writing stories since I was 13, but never had anything published. 2016 has brought me a little success with my writing.

My flash fiction “The State of Being Alive” was given honorable mention in the Cracked Flash Fiction Contest,
My second flash fic entry, “Bleed,” received first place a few weeks later in the same flash fic contest:

My poem, “Fuck-Up” was featured as one of WildSound Festival Review’s“Best New Poetry From All Over The World,” and was selected for a live poetry reading: reading of poem)

Here’s to endless excuses to produce more mind-numbingly boring pieces of work!
Keshia Nowden
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Arah Ko

Arah Kois a rising junior at Wheaton College, but she hails originally from Hawai'i. Her work has appeared in Kodon, The Pub, Sub-Creation Journal, Teen Ink, BRICKrhetoric, Crashtest, and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. When not writing, she can be found explaining her name pronunciation to coffee shop baristas, frequenting open mic nights, and searching for the meaning of life, other than 42.

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Tanasha Martin

Tanasha Martin

Writer at Self-Employed
Tanasha Martin has written poetry from a very young age and wrote her first short story, top pick for a creative writing competition in 1990. She first participated in NanoWriMo in November 2015, drafting her first Young Adult Science Fiction novel. Since then, she has been writing full-time.Poetry, flash fiction, short stories, children’s books and Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels are among her works in progress. This region features a writing community called the Writing Journey; Tanasha is the author of short stories and flash fiction works in the 2016 anthologies 12 and 13 of the Writing Journey.

Tanasha is a Member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.
Tanasha Martin

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