Dependable Friend, a poem by Willow Sanders

Dependable Friend, a poem by Willow Sanders

The dependable friend

Who is always near

Offering a hug or a smile

A compassionate ear


The dependable friend

To whom you turn

With a sadness or joy

With good news or concern


The dependable friend,

Planned celebrations

For weddings and babies

School graduations


Your dependable friend

One day on the phone

“These months have been rough,

I feel all alone…


So much good

has been replaced with bad

Where happy had lived,

now resides sad


My friends I sure need

Because I feel so blue

Let’s get together

for an hour or two.”


A plan in place

Invites were sent

A night of reminiscing

And merriment


The night finally came

She had counted them down

Even purchased new clothes

For a night on the town


Patiently she watched

As time on the clock slowed

Seconds turned to minutes

Not a single soul showed


Dear dependable friend,

Not an ounce of respect

When they sent their regrets

Hastily through text


Kids one said,

You wouldn’t understand

Work came another,

This wasn’t planned


Dressed up and lovely

With nowhere to go

The dependable friend

Sat at home all alone


Her heart, now broken

She couldn’t pretend

Because all had forsaken

That dependable friend.


Copyright © 2016 by Melinda Borucki

Image is in the public domain.

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