An anthology of short stories and poems exploring the human condition, social mores, and normative behaviors. What does it mean to be human?

by The Writing Journey

edited by Tim Yao, Melinda Borucki, and Mary O’Brien Glatz

    What does it mean to be Human? Scientists, psychologists, theologians, and others have asked this question since the beginning. In this anthology, The Writing Journey offers a collection of creative reflections on the ever-changing prism we call the human experience. What are the edges of being human? These stories and poems plumb those boundaries, some with the lightness of ironic humor and some with the heavy despair of reality. Enjoy these writers as they explore the many facets of love, family, friendship, growing up, growing old, death and dying, our fears, our needs, our alienations, and our aspirations. Or can we define human at the edges of our relationships between and among species, humans, and technology?

A story by Tanasha Martin
Can we fully know love if touch is never an experienced part of our lives? Once we experience it, could we ever let it go?

The Fall
A poem by Arah Ko
A poignant truth is shared.

The Longing
A story by Mary O’Brien Glatz
Can we live forever young in our stories?

A Writer’s Lament
A found poem by Todd Hogan
Damn! It’s sure hard to write.

A story by Elaine Fisher
“If only we all can ‘break through the barrier’ that keeps us from loving, understanding, and accepting those who are different from us.”

Call Me Ciri
A poem by Tim Yao
How smart will our smartphones become?

A story by Keshia Nowden
“The course of true love never did run smooth.” ―William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Dependable Friend
A poem by Melinda Borucki
Is it human nature for karma to balance the scales?

Had This Been Fiction
A story by Ana Koulouris
Is true life stranger than fiction?

An Exploration of Social Mores and Normative Behaviours
A story by Edison Pongklub
Why yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Isn’t everything?

Personal Bubble
A poem by Tanasha Martin
You dedicate your life to the mission of saving the human race. What if the thing you are saving them from is the very thing you fear the most?

Living with Humans
A story by Stephanie Ewing
Paul McCartney has said you can judge people’s “true character” by the way they treat animals, but what if the animals are also judging us?

Living Too Long–an Alphabetical Ranting
A poem by Elaine Fisher
Twenty-six ways to see your future.

The Conversation
A story by Mary O’Brien Glatz
Can old love be made new again?

We are Folded
A story by Tim Yao
What are the responsibilities of higher order beings to those who are simpler?

All Smiles
A poem by Tanasha Martin
Basic behavior is only human from our perspective. Other humans may view that behavior very differently—careful what you assume.

The Employment Offer
A story by Todd Hogan
What are the consequences of the words we never say?

The Sin Tree
A poem by Keshia Nowden
We all have our sins to bear, but it’s not easy to cut them out of your life.

Scout Days
A story by Melinda Borucki
A slice of life, a taste of nostalgia, and a memory of a risk well taken.