An Exploration of Social Mores and Normative Behaviours, by Ed Pongklub

An Exploration of Social Mores and Normative Behaviours, by Ed Pongklub

Subjects: King William III and Rolf.


King William III was lounging lazily at the far end of the small, tidy room when Rolf strolled in. His eyes lit up and he called out, “Ah! Rolf, just the one I was looking for.”

“You were looking for me?” Rolf asked, cocking his head to one side.

“Well, I was considering maybe looking for you later,” King William III replied. “What think you on the subject of people?”

“Which people?”

“All people. Why are people here? What purpose does humankind serve?”

“To provide food and shelter for all. That’s what Da Horse said.”

“Da Horse? He is a buffoon! He toils in manual labour all the day like some kind of barnyard animal. What head has he for philosophy?”

“Barnyard animals can be heroes, too,” Rolf defended.

“I feel Descartes put it best. ‘I think, therefore I am,’” King William III went on, lost in his train of thought.

“You would put Descartes before Da Horse?” his friend asked.

“But of course! Descartes is famous! He invented a coordinate system.”

“Uh, can I sit with you?” Rolf asked, gesturing at the sofa, which had plenty of open space.

“No, of course not. Rules are rules,” came the reply. King William III stretched his legs out as he’d seen the youngsters do and rested his feet on the coffee table.

“You’re not supposed to put your feet up there,” Rolf barked.

“Well, I can’t find the Ottoman.”

Rolf looked at the Ottoman sitting three feet away and sighed. He decided not to pursue the matter further. Instead, he tried a different tack. “Is Da Horse honest?”

“Of course,” King William III said. “He’s loyal and brave: definitely someone to have in your corner when you need someone’s butt kicked. I would trust him wholeheartedly.”

“And have you ever met Descartes?”

“Not exactly. He died in 1650.”

“So, you would believe what some dead guy says over what our fair and honest mutual friend thinks?”

“Well, I see no problem with that; Descartes was a learned man. Did Da Horse ever invent a coordinate system?”

“Yes: no stripes with checks. Say, that reminds me…Parlez-vous français?”

“Uh…yes, please?”

Rolf’s eyes lit up. “Ah ha! You don’t speak French! So, mayhaps you don’t really know what, exactly, old René was talking about!”

“Well, I…you see, it’s like…” King William III said, scratching at his whiskers.

“Denial is a river in Egypt,” Rolf howled.

“For Da Horse to speak philosophy is very nice and all…”

“Nice is a city in France!” Rolf replied, rolling around on the floor, then suddenly stopped. “Oh! They’re back!”

He leapt to his feet.

“You heard something?” King William III asked.

“I have a nose for such matters,” Rolf replied with a grin and dashed out.

King William III gave a great sigh and rubbed an ear before hopping regally down from the couch and following after Rolf.



Based on prior observations, human servants shall soon arrive.

Analysis incomplete.

What separates humans from animals has been posited as “”Self-consciousness” is the instrument of man only.”

I don’t think so, therefore it isn’t.


Copyright © 2016 by Ed Pongklub

Image is in the public domain.

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