Living Too Long–an Alphabetical Ranting
A poem by Elaine Fisher
Twenty-six ways to see your future.

ging is so inescapable until the final   Breath gives back dignity and sets you free.
Cruelness is independence lost, youth’s disappearance, and a forgotten memory.

Diapers in the end as in the beginning,
Early to bed, forever napping,
Food mashed for easier swallowing,
Gross flatulence, embarrassing,
History collected, photos yellowing.
Illness takes its toll on living…too long.

Justice never comes while waiting for the ultimate   Kind ending that never arrives.
Loneliness is the loss of a mate, friends that died, and adult children with busy lives.

Medicare helps pay the billing,
Not enough exercise leads to falling,
Oxygen tubes connected for breathing,
Privacy invaded, assisted bathing,
Quiet hospitals, machines beeping,
Reality proves the problem is living…too long.

Sex with a heart condition leads to losing   Trust in self, giving in to defeat.
Uselessness is the struggle to walk, the failure to shit, and being unable to eat.

Vacant eyes no longer recognizing,
Warm rooms that are smelly and stifling,
X-rays of bones, brittle and breaking,
Yellowish-brown bile, organs slowly shutting,
Zounds! ‘God’s wounds’ cry out to the silent suffering…for living too long.

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Copyright 2016 Elaine Fisher

Since 2013, Elaine Fisher has been a member of The Writing Journey and had two short stories, “Corpse Du Jour” and “Metamorphosis,” published in the 2015 Journey anthology, Voices from the Dark. Besides short stories, she also enjoys writing flash fiction and poetry.

Each November, you will find her busy writing her 50K novel during NaNoWriMo- National Novel Writing Month. She is very proud to have completed three first draft novels as a participant in this worldwide competition. Currently, Elaine is in the process of editing her most recent NaNoWriMo novel, Traveling to Spice Town, Book 1 in a YA historical fantasy series.